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Online Courses

Online courses are a good way to get started on your journey at your own pace in your own place. Start learning at a lower cost, focusing on the topics that interest you most in the moment. Courses get added regularly so make sure you join our mailing list to hear about new offerings.


We highly recommend joining the general membership to our mentoring community while you take online courses. The courses give you the activities that grow your skills and open the pathways for connection. The membership gives you a place to share your stories within a connective container of people who know how to listen deeply and ask good questions. Sharing your stories in this way is essential for the full integration of deep nature connection.


You will also find courses here that will be beneficial to you if you are in the Natural Families Network or the Holistic Naturalist and Tracker Training. The Core Mentoring Community membership includes access to many of the online courses.

The beauty of the sunlight in the forest sparks deep nature connection
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