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Private Mentoring

Deeply attentive personalized guidance for your connection to nature, spirit, self and community

My lineage was carried a long way on one on one mentoring. Though many tools and techniques have been developed over the last 5 decades to help scale mentoring and apply the principles to group mentoring, there are some points on the journey where one on one is really the way to go. Perhaps you are experiencing blocks on the journey that you need help with or perhaps you want to explore a specific aspect of the journey that is not currently being explored in the group offerings. Whatever the reason is, if you feel a pull towards this, chances are it is what you need.


We'll spend a little time creating a connective container for the conversation then dive into the topic you want to explore. The topic(s) can be as specific or general as you want within the realm of connection to Nature, Spirit, Self and People. There's also an option to receive mentoring in a small private group of up to 3 people. Private mentoring is also available in French.


I have had the honour and privilege of having Arnaud as a significant mentor in my deep nature and human connection journey. Having known him previously and then experiencing his ways of mentorship has added a deep richness to my personal journey. His gentle and humble mentoring approach created for me a safe, and inviting experience. This helped me to reach inward to find my soul's desire to deepen my nature awareness and practices. Arnaud's committed presence to helping others along their journey glows strong. I am very grateful to have him as a guide, a brother, a mentor in my journey of deep nature connection.

Megan Farquhar - Tender of people, land and community

Small Group Mentoring

These sessions work really well for a small group working on a joint project such as a community building initiative around nature connection.  We can focus on addressing the specific needs of your small group. This is also a great way to make private mentoring more affordable.

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