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Sitting with the sunrise pondering life, vision, mission and purpose.

Renewal of Creative Path Small Group Mentoring

Course Information

The Renewal Of Creative Path (ROCP), is a life changing yearly reflection process gathered by my mentor Jon Young. It's designed to optimize our connection to nature, self and people so we can become the best possible version of ourselves. It helps us consciously interact with the magic of synchronicity to keep us aligned with our Vision. I started applying ROCP personally over a decade ago and have facilitated it for groups for almost as long. Some years, I mentored up to 7 different groups. From this experience, I can say one thing: There's life before ROCP and life after ROCP! Life after ROCP is designed for connection, unlocking our full potential as human beings. As a form of inner tracking, it helps us access both the power of our intuition and our designer's mind. We can then commit to what really matters and let go of what doesn't. Keeping the group very small (max 5 people only) allows me to keep everyone in one virtual room for the whole time. This will create a more personal mentoring experience. THIS IS FOR YOU IF: • You want to live a natural and creative lifestyle • You have a deep desire to live a life of purpose • You're looking for mentoring in the process INCLUDES: • 9 Group video mentoring sessions-1.5 to 2hrs • ROCP Quick Guide by Jon Young • Bonus course: Activating Curiosity & Sacred Questions • 3 month online community membership Group calls are Saturdays 10am Pacific Time Dec9-16-30 Jan13-20-27 Feb10-17-24 NO RECORDINGS you must attend live

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