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Deep nature connection online through research, field time and community video calls

Nature connection community online...

Could it be so?

YES!  And here's why:


After two decades facilitating nature connection, I've found that even after an intensive multi-year immersion program, people are left with a void. They are left feeling: What now? How do I integrate this in the context of my everyday life and the reality of the times we live in? This is how the vision for Connection Pathways was born.


The power of online mentoring lies in the fact that we can connect regularly with the mentors that are right for us and with people that truly share our values and life path. If we look across the world, we are many. If we each look in our specific locations, we are still few and far between. This is why distance mentoring is essential to supporting local initiatives for deep nature connection and cultural repair. The communication tools that are now at our disposal also help make this a highly effective approach.


While courses, long-term or short, offer us an immersive experience, it's often challenging to integrate the teachings into our every day lives and much of what we've learned falls to the wayside. By joining our online community, the support is always available. We offer you the tools and guidance to implement the teachings into your every day life, your family, your community and even your work.


I look forward to meeting you inside!

Dandelion seeds blowing in the wind represent the seeds of nature connection community


Want to see what membership might be like but not ready to make the full commitment yet?


Try our general membership free for 30 days




  • Monthly Zoom Call with all community members facilitated by Arnaud on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 12pm Pacific Time (3pm Eastern) - Recordings available.

    • This is a great chance to connect with people holding a long-term commitment to deep nature connection through our Focused Communities.

    • Arnaud will also offer teachings and reflections on various topics related to deep nature connection and regenerative culture during these calls.

  • Private online group to share nature stories with people at all stages of the journey from beginners to seasoned naturalists and deeply committed village builders.

  • Simple yet powerful activities to guide you on the deep nature connection journey.

Membership Fee:  $9.50 monthly

Join now and start your 30 day free trial.  

You will also receive your free Activating Connection Pathways Toolkit. 

The Toolkit is packed with activities and teachings to get you started on the journey.

“Arnaud's prompts and questions can be simple but the results are profound.”
Alice Whitehead, Educational Assistant

 You Will:

  • Grow meaningful relationships to the natural world around you

  • Experience a mentoring culture that supports connection to nature, self and community

  • Feel safe to share your deeply connective nature experiences 

  • Learn more about the global deep nature connection movement

  • Belong to a growing community of people returning to a richer, simpler life of interconnection with all the beings of Mother Earth


Going Deeper...

Natural Families Network

A mentoring community offering support, guidance and networking for unschooling families focused on nature connection, conscious parenting and natural living. We also welcome those who wish to prepare to bring children into the world to be born into connection and belonging.

Holistic Naturalist & Tracker Training

Reclaim your birthright of deep reciprocal relationships to all living things and powerful sensory capacity. This time tested training pathway is supported by attentive 1 on 1 mentoring and community. It will help you know your place intimately the way our hunter-gatherer ancestors did.

Core Mentoring Community

Long-term mentoring in deep nature connection and culture repair. Over time, this pathway will help you develop a potent and dynamic connection to Nature, Spirit, Self and Community.  It can provide you the ability to see a clear path in these confusing times. This group of joyfully committed people is at the heart of Connection Pathways. 

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