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Soaring Bald Eagles represent the Eagle's eye view of the holistic tracker and village builder.


Deep nature connection in service to the future generations...

This is much more than a course, it’s an ongoing  mentoring community dedicated to deep nature connection and cultural repair. 


If you want long-term mentoring in the core routines and teachings of Arnaud's lineage in a small group setting, this is the place for you.


We use a combination of live online workshops days, monthly missions, lots of guided field time, group calls, online courses and forums to create deeply meaningful experiences held within a strong mentoring culture. This holistic approach, over time, will bring you a powerful and long-lasting connection to Nature, Spirit, Self and People. This community is designed to support your personal practice and local initiatives. My prayer is that it leads us all to live a truly natural life style.

Sunrise over the hills representing the dawn of a new and ancient way of life in harmony with the natural world.
Ancestral crafts: bow and arrow, bow drill fire kit, coal burned spoon, deer sinew cordage, leather knife sheath, bucksin. Raccoon Skull.


With this Community You Will:

  • Deepen your knowledge of place and grow meaningful relationships to the more than human beings around you

  • Hone your intuition and build confidence in your own personal spiritual authority

  • Gain tools to build a nature connected community where you live

  • Empower yourself to live a deeply connected life

  • Build long lasting connections with people on the same path

Mikayla Kaminski, WOLF Kids Instructor and Core Mentoring student at Connection Pathways

I felt a real desire for longterm mentorship community and I am so happy I followed the call to join! The missions allow me to find and follow my authentic curiosities. I feel a sense of belonging to the community because we share common values, interests and the same delight in the wonders of life on Earth.

This is likely a good fit for you if...

  • You want to go beyond what’s possible in the finite structure of courses.

  • You’ve had an immersive experience in this lineage or took some courses and are thinking: What now? How do I fully integrate this into my life?

  • You run nature programs yourself and are looking for mentoring to deepen your own journey and mentoring skills.

  • You believe that connection to Nature, Spirit, Self and People are inseparable.

  • You're ready to commit to the core routines of nature connection as a way of life.

  • You want to explore the deeper spiritual aspects of nature connection.

  • You want to meet and share stories regularly with people who share the same Vision as you.

  • You want to receive teaching and mentoring from someone who is directly connected to Jon Young’s lineage.

  • You want to cultivate connective culture around you everywhere you go.

  • You want to live a life of Peace, Love, Joy and Purpose beyond self.

This is not likely a good fit for you if....

  • You don’t have enough time to engage in at least some of the practices, calls and discussions.

  • You don’t have the ability or desire to access the online platform. We have in person classes and series if you prefer to learn in person.

  • You haven’t had any prior experience with this lineage and its teachings. The Holistic Naturalist and Tracker Training is the ideal place to start. You can also check out our online courses and in person events.

  • You believe that only people from certain cultural backgrounds can connect to the Earth and celebrate life through ceremony.


What's Included:

  • 1 live virtual workshop day each month on the 1st Saturday (includes a monthly mission)

  • 2 group mentoring calls each month (Recordings available)

    • One facilitated by Arnaud on the 3rd Tuesday at 3pm EST (12pm PST)

    • One facilitated by an experienced community member on the 2nd Tuesday at 9pm EST (6pm PST)

  • Access to all existing online mini courses and new ones as they are released

  • $30 discount on one on one mentoring calls with Arnaud

  • Online groups to share your nature connection stories, field observations, research and reflections with mentors and community members

  • Connection Pathways online community General Membership

Summer Break: We take a pause from Core Mentoring group calls during July and August. The online platform remains open for access to groups and courses. Calls from the General Membership continue throughout the Summer. 

Curriculum Includes:

  • Holistic Wildlife Tracking

  • Bird Language

  • Edible & Medicinal Plants

  • Ancestral Skills (e.g. Friction fire, basketry, shelter building, etc.)

  • Inner Tracking

  • Renewal of Creative Path

  • Village Building

  • Coyote Mentoring

  • 8 Shields Model

  • Cultural Mentoring

  • Cultural Repair and Regenerative Design

  • Developing personal connection to Spirit

  • Accessing the healing powers of Nature

Conan Webb, Biologist/Nature Connection Mentor and Core Mentoring Student at Connection Pathways

Joining this community is a great asset to my life. I get to push back the clock, go on adventures and tell the story to people who care. I have the opportunity to give and receive the gift of guiding questions to take my life journey deeper.

$850 yearly (+15% HST)

Payment Plan (yearly commitment):  $85.00 per month (+ 15% HST)

Automatically billed monthly.

This mentoring program constitutes a deep commitment for the participant and facilitators, therefore there are NO REFUNDS. Please make sure this is the right fit for you before you commit. Due to the application process, membership cannot be transferred to another person.


Apply Now

Thank you! We’ll be in touch as soon as possible. 

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