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Stoking the Village Fire

Aug 18-21 - Waterville, QC - Activating our ancestral connections to the Earth for a hopeful future

  • 395 Canadian dollars
  • Waterville, Québec Aug 18 -21


Experience deep nature connection, mentoring and culture repair first-hand from Arnaud Gagné who was and continues to be mentored by master tracker Jon Young, an important global leader in the field. This workshop can serve both as a deep introduction to the 8 Shields bundle and a deepening of your path. The gathering will be held within a container of cultural elements that enhance connection to nature, self and people supported by the staff of La Tribu des Bois. Arnaud uses a mix of hands on experience, storytelling and presentations to convey a way of life that holds the potential to realign our modern lives to our original instructions as human beings. In this 4 day gathering, you will experience: * A powerful lineage story that brings context to the teachings * Teachings of the Life Wheel and the Natural Cycles * The ancient art of Fire by Friction * Holistic Tracking and Bird Language as the quickest path to deep connection * The essentials of building nature connected communities The event is bilingual. Many major teaching pieces and stories may be held in English but French will be used as much as possible. EVENT LOGISTICS Arrival time is between 1pm and 2pm on Friday August 18th for meet and greet, registration and camp set-up. There will be morning and afternoon workshops as well as evening sessions around the fire. Event ends at 12pm on Monday August 21st MEALS Breakfast, lunch and snacks are self-catered (everyone bring your own). Dinners are potluck-style so we can have the connective experience of sharing food. CAMPING is included and encouraged for a full immersion experience even if you live close by. FAMILIES ARE WELCOME! It wouldn't be a village without the children. My family travels with me to almost all these types of events and I encourage you to bring yours. There WILL NOT BE A FACILITATED CHILDREN'S PROGRAM. All parents are responsible for the care and supervision of their children. We hope that this creates a natural village feel where children can experience unstructured play in nature anchored by a group of conscious adults who care about the earth and the future generations. COST FOR FAMILIES Only the adult(s) who will participate in the workshops needs to pay for the workshop. The other parent is assumed to be coming to take care of the kids. Of course, parents can swap roles as they wish. A couple with no children would pay for 2 adult participants.

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Nova Scotia, Canada

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