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Connection Pathways

Ancient Skills & Wisdom For Modern Times
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Seeing the forest from the eyes of the naturalist and tracker

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to help create a cultural shift that realigns human beings with the natural rhythms of the wondrous planet we live on and the mysterious universe we are a part of. We believe that people who connect deeply with nature and community are much healthier and happier while having a significantly smaller impact on the planet's ecosystems.


We work with parents who are committed to integrating nature connection into their family's everyday life and raising their children in the most natural and connective way possible. We also work with individuals who want to go deep on the journey of connection to nature, spirit, self and community through the art of holistic tracking.


We believe that we become who we are through all of our relationships. Much depth of relationship to the more than human world was lost when we stopped being hunter-gatherers. We no longer tend these relationships as a direct physical survival need, yet they are essential to our spiritual survival. This is why we teach ancient skills and wisdom in modern times.

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$400 off 8 One on One Mentoring Sessions!

A limited opportunity for only 8 people

to receive 8 one on one mentoring sessions over 8 months for $695 + bonuses (a $1100 value), you chose the start date upon registration. First come first served. Offer ends March 1st. 

I want to work with 8 individuals committed to spiritual growth and activating the full potential of their unique gifts for a life of peace, love, joy and purpose.

Our Signature Programs


Natural Families Network

A mentoring community offering support, guidance and networking for unschooling families focused on nature connection, conscious parenting and natural living. We also welcome those who wish to prepare to bring children into the world to be born into connection and belonging.

Holistic Naturalist & Tracker Training

Reclaim your birthright of deep reciprocal relationships to all living things and full sensory capacity. This time tested training pathway is supported by attentive 1 on 1 mentoring and community. It will help you know your place intimately the way our hunter-gatherer ancestors did.

Core Mentoring Community

Long-term mentoring in deep nature connection and culture repair. Over time, this pathway will help you develop a potent and dynamic connection to Nature, Spirit, Self and Community.  It can provide you with the ability to see a clear path in these confusing times. This group of joyfully committed people is at the heart of Connection Pathways. 

General Community Membership

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And Learn In Person!

We're based in Mi'kma'ki (Nova Scotia, Canada) near the towns of Annapolis Royal, Bear River and Digby.

Sharing the skills and wisdom with our local community is really important to us! We also travel to teach in other parts of Canada.

Go to our In Person Events page to see Our upcoming classes. 


About Arnaud

After two decades of teaching ancestral skills and facilitating deep nature connection, I've had time to distill what I feel is essential for people to effectively find their way back to an important ancient bond with the Earth and their own sense of vision and purpose. I've mentored many people on a transformative journey to living joyful and meaningful lives deeply connected to the natural world, to themselves and to their communities.

Arnaud Gagne, holistic tracker, village builder, mentor, facilitator and apprentice to master tracker Jon Young, global leader of nature connection movement

Jon Young, global leader in Deep Nature Connection, interviews Arnaud on the topic of deep nature connection and cultural norms. Arnaud shares a personal story of how to bring healthy culture back for himself, his wife Kristyna and son, Nolan. He discusses the importance of and his commitment to cultural momentum in connecting people to nature and to each other.

Regenerating Connection Culture & Deep Nature Connection Tracking Connections Episode 5.mpArtist Name
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A good culture connects people to themselves, others, and the natural world, while fostering awareness of ancestors, the unborn, and mystery.

- Jon Young

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  • Ready to make a commitment to nature connection and natural living for your family with support and guidance? Join the Natural Families Network

  • Already have experience and want to join a deeply committed community of practice? Apply for Core Mentoring Community

  • Want to get to know your natural surroundings like the ancient hunter-gatherers did? Check out our Holistic Naturalist and Tracker Training

  • Need extra support or guidance on a specific aspect of your journey? Book a Private Mentoring Session for yourself or a small group (up to 3 people) 

  • Prefer learning in-person and happen to be where we are or have the ability to travel there? Check out our in-person events


“Arnaud's prompts and questions can be simple but the results are profound.”
Alice Whitehead, Educational Assistant

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The call to this path is often deeply felt yet it can be hard to explain or rationalize. If you are feeling a pull and still have some questions, feel free to contact us.

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